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The kids train at a festival in Seattle WA

Take a break from the bouncy houses. While carrying up to 18 riders, this Kids Train can chug along on almost any flat surface. The Kids Train is trackless. That means the Kids Train can travel almost anywhere. Complete with seat belts, padded seats, whistles, and a bell. Better Bouncers' Kids Train is a great addition to birthdays, carnivals, festivals, events, and bounce house parties of all sorts. 


The kids train at a birthday party in Bellevue WA
Kids Train - Choo Choo


Bells and whistles  are ready to blow. The Kids Train is ready to depart the station heading for your next party or event. While carrying up to 18 riders the Kids Train will chug along almost any flat surface, it's also trackless, which means it can travel on various terrains.

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